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Getting Started

Being prepared for the initial interview with your landscape designer is the first step in creating a landscape project designed to meet your specific needs. At the first meeting we will discuss your desires, preferences, site issues and family’s needs. We will walk around the property, and perhaps around the neighborhood, studying the view from different angles. This usually takes about an hour and a half. Consideration of the following questions in advance will save time and make the process go more smoothly.

Site Analysis

• What area of your property is to be addressed?

• Do you have a site map or plot plan which gives exact dimensions and property lines; are there easements or development covenants that you know of?

• Do you have a budget in mind?

• What feeling or mood do you want to establish (natural, formal, oriental, colorful)?

• Are there any natural features on the property that you would like to emphasize (or hide), such as trees, boulders, woods, fences, views, or slope?

• What is the view when you look out of the windows of your kitchen, den, and other frequently used rooms?

• Are there problem areas on the property such as steep slopes, poor drainage, soil erosion, bulging tree roots, or barren areas?

• Do you want to create more privacy or screen out unpleasant views, lights, noise from the property’s surroundings?

• Do any existing plants, trees or structures need to be removed or relocated?

Family Lifestyles

• How many family members, and what age?

• Do you have any pets that will be using the outdoor areas?

• Are there any allergies or other medical conditions that should be considered?

• What are the typical outdoor activities of your family?

Entertaining, barbecue


Children's play area

• Do you normally perform the gardening work, or do you have a landscape contractor?


• Do you have any specific plant preferences or colors?

• Any plants or colors to avoid?

• Would you like to include?

Vegetable garden Lawn

Rock garden Graveled areas Perennials


Ornamental grasses Ground covers

• Are you interested in decorative accent features?

Fountain, water features



Garden sculptures

Potted plants

Garden furniture

Bird feeder

Call (973) 220-3661 and let's get started!

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