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Services and Fees

Landscape Consultation

• Design concept. This is the first step in planning a garden makeover. After this visit, you will receive a written proposal which reviews several design concepts which meet your budget.

• Advice for the home gardener: Morgan can have a “garden chat” with you to make recommendations for dealing with drainage issues, drought resistance, moist areas, and protection from deer, pests, and other concerns.

• Exterior decorating advice. This can include paint colors, the inclusion of accent structures, paving and lighting.

• Quick sketch for a small planting bed or container garden.

• Plant maintenance instruction.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

• Gravesite planting design. Morgan will assess soil, climate, and light conditions at the cemetery to recommend durable and attractive plantings. A sketch will be done on site. Planting can be done for an additional fee, if desired.

• Historic restoration of the grounds surrounding your period home.

• Curb Appeal. Planning to sell your home in the near future? Morgan offers advice on how to make a good impression on buyers when they see your “For Sale” sign on the lawn.

• Child friendly play space. Is there a toddler in the family? Many parents take precautions to “child-proof” the inside of their homes, but forget about the yard, which may contain hazards for little ones.

To get the most out of your consultation, read the Getting Started page prior to your visit

Consultation Fee is $125 for approximately a 1 ½ hour visit.

A Gift Certificate for a consultation makes a great gift for new homeowners, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any other special occasion.


Landscape Design Plans

If, after your consultation, you decide to proceed with a garden makeover, the next step will be a professionally designed plan.

All design plans include:

• Analysis of site conditions: soil conditions, grading, sun and shade, architecture of your home and its setting, and family’s life styles.

• Sketch of proposed design selected by the homeowner.

• Plant list, including common and botanical names.

• Structures such as fountains, arbors, paving, fences, walls, benches, sculpture.

• It is very important at this stage in the process to have a survey of your property available showing exact property lines, structures, easements, etc. This survey is something you would have received when you purchased the home.

Landscape design fee is $75 per hour.

Final cost will depend upon size of area addressed.


Landscape Project Facilitation

(behind-the-scenes work and fine-tuning)

• Research on covenants, local ordinances, utility easements, permits needed, etc. that will affect the project.

• Assistance in purchasing plant materials.

• Assistance in purchasing structural accents.

• Referrals to contractors as required for the project, such as for tree trimming, shrub removal, paving, etc.

• Positioning plants for your landscape contractor to install.

• Small space plantings.

Facilitation fees vary, starting at $15 per hour.

Most landscape projects are completed in phases. This makes it easier on the homeowner’s budget, as well as ensuring that plantings are installed at the optimum time of year to protect their durability.

Just Add Water and Enjoy!

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