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Creating personalized landscapes

Morgan Dowd can help you achieve the outdoor environment you desire for your home. A well-designed landscape can increase the value of your home, add “curb appeal” and create an outdoor space your family can enjoy for many years. In these stressful times, a garden can provide sanctuary and comfort.

Morgan Dowd can assist you with any aspect of landscaping improvement – your whole property, or just an area at a time.

Whether you hire a landscape contractor, or prefer to do the gardening yourself, Morgan can draw up a design plan, recommend plants suitable to the climate and soil conditions, and educate you about the installation and care of new as well as existing plants.

Unlike other landscape contracting firms who specialize in large scale, expensive projects which have a “cookie cutter” look, Morgan promises personalized consultation and landscape design concepts for the average suburban homeowner, condo owner, city dweller, or small business. View the Services page for a complete listing of services and fees.

Getting started is as easy as calling for an appointment. Be sure to visit the Getting Started section to prepare for your first visit.

Morgan George Dowd

Landscape Designer


A beautiful landscape for your home or small

business is just a phone call away.

Contact us today!

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